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Welcome to Mindfulness at Work

We offer Mindfulness Training that transforms peoples lives and work. We help people train their minds to be fitter, calmer, more open, flexible, resilient and vital so that they can thrive and be at their best even in today’s highly challenging always-on environment.

We’re passionate about helping businesses empower their workforce for success.
"really beneficial to reduce stressful situations, maintain focus and improve employee relationships at work.”
-Myles Molloy, CLS
Mindfulness Dublin

In-house Mindfulness Talks

Our state of mind impacts our whole experience. An onsite talk engages / informs your people about Mindfulness, why it matters and how it builds  resilience to stress.

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Mindfulness Dublin

Workplace Programmes…

Top notch professional Mindfulness Training – helps individuals and teams sustain health, wellbeing and peak performance even in high pressure environments.

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Mindfulness Courses Dublin

Public Mindfulness Courses

Ongoing public Mindfulness Courses in Blackrock, Co Dublin: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR/MBCT)Mindful Self Compassion (MSC). See upcoming dates below:

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“Life-changing. More self aware, can choose my response in EVERY situation, realise that thoughts are NOT facts.”
–  Participant 2013 
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Joanne_large_transparentMindfulness at Work was set up by Joanne O'Malley to provide high quality Mindfulness Training, now shown to be an effective way to reduce stress, increase self awareness and deal more effectively with the demanding context in which we work and live... >> more


The MBSR Course was much better than I expected! It has already given me skills to cope better with daily life and specific stressful situations. I think everyone should exper…